MoveOn Wall Street Journal Ads


The first advertisement seen here was a full-page ad published in the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday, April 6th, 2022. It targeted Clarence Thomas regarding recent allegations of bias and refusal to recuse himself or admit said bias, citing his own comments about his wife’s political engagements. 


The second advertisement seen here took a similar approach and was submitted to WSJ as another full page ad– a second iteration in the series.



This second newspaper ad was a response to Fox News’ refusal to air a video ad we created for the same client. That video ad featured b roll of Fox News hosts alongside text message quotes from those hosts discovered during the Fox News Dominion Voting Systems lawsuit. The quotes were contradictory to Fox News’ hosts on-air statements and responses, allegedly demonstrating Fox News’ blatant attempts to repair their relationship with their viewers at the expense of the truth. Fox News refused to air this ad, despite the fact that it contained quotes from their own hosts.


In response, we created this full page newspaper ad to push back against Fox News’ refusal to run the ad. This newspaper ad features old-fashioned televisions showing clips from the rejected video ad, covered in a red haze.




 This ad was submitted to run in a different Rupert Murdoch outlet, The Wall Street Journal, to give the media proprietor one last chance to admit to the hypocrisy and lies behind Fox News on this subject. It was packaged, set, and ready for print, but was rejected by WSJ as well.


Although this second WSJ ad never saw print, it helped feed a larger media strategy focused on highlighting Fox’s lies amid the controversy. The ad was posted and tweeted, gaining a significant secondary push after the print ad itself was rejected. Our clients’ related petition to cable providers to make the Fox News channel optional received significant support, culminating in 153,037 signatures to date. 




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