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The goal of this campaign was to increase the visibility of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and specifically highlight how it aids underserved black and brown communities across the United States. The mission was to guide viewers through the narrative of how infrastructure funding is beneficial to black and brown communities, and how to learn more about what the infrastructure bill entails overall.


In late 2022, during the research phase of this project, our client found that 86% of people in a 7 city poll (featuring Phoenix, AZ, Philadelphia, PA, Detroit, MI, Atlanta, GA, Milwaukee, WI, Flint, MI, and Miami-Dade) had not heard of the IIJA or its impacts. Messaging that focused on how the IIJA addresses racial equity – whether by focusing on past grievances or future solutions – performed best overall. The poll also found that young voters aged18-29 years were the most likely to be persuaded by IIJA messaging, and they found a “power of government” lens inspiring. All of this information was crucial when crafting a brand identity that reached out to Black and Brown communities about Infrastructure funding.



To make the content informative, eye-catching, and appealing to the 18-29 target demographic, we employed the usage of bright, dynamic visuals combined with large, typographic headlines. Through these visuals, the campaign aimed to mobilize communities and inform BIPOCs and Latino Americans about the IIJA in a direct and energetic way. Additionally, we utilized black-and-white imagery to create visual cohesion, with accent colors highlighting the specific subject areas of interest.



This digital campaign ran for just over four weeks, serving over 7.1 million ads to 711k eligible voters in Reading, PA and Milwaukee, WI. This meant that each eligible voter saw the ads ten times each, which was a huge milestone. Compared to other campaigns with similar targeting and strategy, this campaign had a significantly lower Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) at $20.97 when CPMs can easily exceed $35 when targeting a small amount of people in a small geographic area. We consider the campaign to be successful because of the high number of people reached at an effective frequency. The branding was crucial in achieving this level of engagement on this issue, and aided the overall campaign by providing a clear, engaging, and inspiring visual language to deploy the highly researched messaging of the campaign.


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